Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Think Twice! Before You Upgrade to Reliance 4G

I started using reliance CDMA postpaid connection since Jan 2016 with monthly rental of Rs.1299. Also I had paid around Rs.2-3K for the "Vanity Number" [Landline Number 0712-3250000] and Rs.2500 for the device. The reason why I choose  1299 plan was the unlimited internet access that I have been offered.

But the device that I have been provided does not have internet support and I can't access internet since day one. When I called the reliance customer care they asked me to contact local relationship center for resolution. And the local guys are just ignoring my complaint.

It dint stop here, I have started getting calls from reliance relationship center since last couple of weeks saying "Upgrade To  4G as all CDMA connections will be shut down". I was happy until they told me that my existing device which is just 4 months old will be of no use and they are not going to give me any partial/full replacement for the same.
Secondly, the executivses are saying that existing "Vanity Number" won't work and I'll be given a new 10 digit number. And if I want to match last 5 digits of my existing number to new number; I'll have to pay for it additionaly, which is completely unfair.

There is no one from the company who can give me complete information and clarity on the same on the other hand they are still sending me 10 promotional messages everyday for subscribing to some "Idiot" services.

Probbly the company will now give me reference of their "Terms & Conditions" and prove themselvs right but what I want them to understand is that they will loose one more customer if they fail to give me a resolution.

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